How We Work

We approach strategic communications as a process and a partnership. We are most effective when we work as partners rather than being treated as “just another vendor.”

Simply, Here’s our Dashboard on the 3Ds…


If you don’t tell us, count on us asking you:


The discovery phase may include internal audits, environmental scans, situation analysis, focus groups, materials review, competitive analysis, media audits, influencer insights, and literature reviews… and then, the “aha! moment.” Those learnings provide unvarnished insights and help shape planning and development. This blueprint will address measureable goals and objectives, key target audiences. It will help build and bulletproof your message and determine diverse channels for outreach with strategies supported by compelling tactics that pass the litmus test on strategy, creativity and accountability.


Seriously? We’ll jump through hoops for you. Let’s face it. PR agencies and consultants are a dime a dozen and we want to prove that you selected correctly! We want to make sure you feel special, heard, and secure knowing that:

  1. We will be strategic and creative in the process.
  2. We will deliver on time (or ahead of time).
  3. We will come in on budget (or under budget).
  4. The Yu Crew is your crew and we will always give our best effort, leveraging the talents of seasoned veterans in communications, media, advocacy, research and creative design and production as needed.
  5. We will deliver with energy and enthusiasm to boot – so you’ll want to come back to us again, and again.

Anyone can do good. We’re just trying to do good better.